Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sen Frist Is Missing His Spine

Post from May 28, 2006:

From: NewsMax:
"Amending the Constitution to prohibit flag burning may be considered political posturing in the nation's capital, says Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, but it's not pandering to the GOP's conservative base to pursue such protection." ....He's willing to pander to protect a flag... but not to protect our actual country and its borders?

"It's important to the heart and soul of the American people,"
I think national security is more important than that, Sir !!

"I'm going to Arlington Cemetery tomorrow, and I'm going to see that American flag waving on every single grave over there," Frist said the day before Memorial Day ceremonies at the military cemetery. And when you look at that flag and then you tell me that right now people in this country are saying it's OK to desecrate that flag and to burn it and to not pay respect to it - is that important to our values as a people when we've got 130,000 people fighting for our freedom and liberty today? That is important."
And you think its OK for latinos to wave their flags over ours??? You think it is ok for them to spit on our laws and DEMAND that we give them what they want?
"Frist defended a constitutional ban on gay marriage because "that union between a man and a woman is the cornerstone of our society. It is under attack today."
So are our laws on immigration!! Why aren't you protecting them, SIR??!?!

Time to get this whishy-washy out of office. Yes, we may end up getting democrats elected, but maybe it will wake up these spineless cowards up. Our country comes first and foremost before their delicate sensibilities.

Update: It is now February 2007: He did git kicked out and the democrats are now in control.

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