Sunday, February 11, 2007

Personal Note to Mr. Buchanan

Post from February 11, 2006:
Mr. Buchanan,


If your argument is that we should respect the Islamic faith in order to win their hearts, is bogus. Why is the Islamic world throwing a fit now over these cartoons in a Danish newspaper/periodical? These were printed last fall and I barely heard a peep about it. In fact, these same cartoons were also printed in major periodicals in Islamic countries last fall. No protests then either. Why protest now? Why protest against non-islamic papers?

One of your arguments in favor of your position was to compare the way the current protestors are acting to how Christian leaders acted during the Dark/Medievil ages. Wow. I did not think you thought so low of Islamic culture to say they are acting like those who lived during the Dark/Medievil ages. But then, you may be on to something there.

Oh, and another thing? If you want to compare apples to apples, then you must compare how Muslims are acting now to how Christians now react now to similar blashphemous circumstances. Christians do not burn buildings when a highly blasphemous and controversial Kanye West pretends to be Jesus Christ and says that since he has changed the music industry he should be in the Bible. Christians do not stampede and threaten mayhem and death all over the world when our religious symbols are blasphemed in public works of "art". Christians write letters. Christians voice their displeasure to their leaders. They make phone calls to their friends. They say prayers. Christians do not go and grab their Bic lighters and any nearby flag and start bon-fires in local embassies.

Besides, wasn't Islam based upon violence? Wasn't Islam won through bloodshed? And yet, we are supposed to believe that a simple cartoon is enough to ignite their violent fury?

BTW.... their prophet Muhammed has been shown, painted, sculpted in numerous Islamic works of art that adorne museums to this date.

Again, one needs to ask, why protest now?

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