Sunday, February 11, 2007

Teaching Math Teaches Christianity

Second Post from February 11, 2006:

Ok, I think it is time that we banned mathematics.
Come on. We need to be more sensitive. More TOLERANT in this day and age. Mathematics is used the world over. Its repercussions are being felt the same world over. All across the vast oceans of cultures and ideologies. We learned ones need to become fully aware of the role that mathematics plays in the denigration of certain beliefs. It is time for a change. We need to place bans or change the usage of certain parts of mathematics in order to ease the tensions and sensibilities of those the world over.

What is this that I speak of that needs to be fixed for the sake of TOLERANCE.

We need to remove addition. Addition you say?!? Yes. This simple mathematical function when taught in public government funded schools is a breakdown of the ban on state funded religion. Yes, my friends. Every time mathematics is taught in school, our teachers face potential lawsuits for imflaming hatred and bigotry in our young students.

Every time these ignorant teachers teach our children addition, they inadvertently preach the religion of Christianity by pushing the cross upon our innocent children on a daily basis. Now that our country is turning anti- or non-christian, it is time that we remove the last bastion of christian influence. We need to remove the cross from mathematics.

Think about it. How many other religions utilize the additive nature of mathematics? How many of these cultures have to be forced to bear the brunt of the constant christian influence that the so called "plus" sign brings??

It is high time that we change the implied christian ideological symbol that the "plus" sign represents to something that is more tolerant in this day and age. Everyone knows that the "plus" sign is just another representation of the cross of the christian religion and its constant forceful attempts at converting the world's other religions.

(cough, cough.)

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