Sunday, February 11, 2007

Post from March 2, 2006:

During the state of the Black Union address.... speakers claimed that the US must be burned,... purged to make it better. All of the promises America has made to blacks has not been kept - like voting rights.

Louis Farakan called the Pres the devil.. using the bible verse - "you dont deal with flesh and blood but with spirits, .."

Louis Farakan said the govt must be abolished since it was taken from blacks by evil crooked industrial "bankers". "YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!", he said. Blacks needed the testicular fortitude to stand up against this govt. By bankers he meant the Jews.

Farakan is calling for a revolt to overcome the HELL-based govt. Wants to push the current administration into HELL. "To free the whites that want to be free, to free the blacks and the hispanics. "

Have you heard any of this in the local news? national news? big news papers? nope.. but they will all run with pat robertson's statements...

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