Sunday, February 11, 2007

Post from March 2, 2006:

"WASHINGTON - In a move that could boost much-needed US ethanol supplies for blending into gasoline, the government is proposing to allow corn milling facilities that make ethanol for fuel to spew more pollution before certain clean air rules are triggered.

Ethanol is produced at corn milling plants for use as a fuel additive in gasoline or for human consumption in liquors. However, the facilities have different emission rules depending on the type of ethanol they produce.

The Environmental Protection Agency wants to treat the different ethanol producing plants the same when it comes to air pollution.

Corn milling facilities that make ethanol for human consumption can emit up to 250 tons of emissions a year before clean air regulations that restrict production kick in."
Ummmmm I thought Ethanol was supposed to be the clean fuel. So, it has to produce toxic pollutants in order to make clean air producing ethanol. So, what you save in pollution when it burns, you lose when the product is created. If the EPA has to ease clean air restrictions in order to get it produced, then what does it say about its future.....if we are going to need vast more amounts of the stuff, then do you really think they are going to clamp back down on the pollution it creates????

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