Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Sensitivites of Muslim??

Post from February 6, 2006:

News Headlines:
Muslim Demonstrations Spread Worldwide
New protests erupt in cartoon row.

So, the media is calling this a demonstration and a sit-in protest now? Silly me. I thought that when people are hurt and buildings and cars burned, that it would be called for what it is... RIOTING! MAYEM even.

For some reason I have no pitty for the Muslims. How many times have we seen Jesus Christ humiliated, degrated, denigrated and shunned? How many times have we seen the Christian faith impuned, made fun of, maligned, and a non-stop barrage of attacks to make our faith go away? Just recently a gansta-rapper was on a magazine cover portraying himself as Jesus Christ!

Have Christians stormed buildings? Have Christians burned embassies? Have Christians called for anyone's arrest? Have Christians torched cars all over the cities? Have Christians ransacked schools? Have Christians led any violence-related "protests" at all? No.

Christians are told to not be so sensitive. It is just a free-speech issue. We Christians must be more sensitive to other's points of view. We must accept that everyone else does not believe in the quaint ideas that our few numbers hold. We must accept that we must all be open to everyone's feelings of unease when Jesus is mentioned. We must not make people uneasy by mentioning our faith or showing our faith. We must not hold onto our faith when we get into public office, school, work, and entertainment.



If the media is portraying these recent actions as just mere protests and that we must accept that these latest actions by Muslims are just part of their culture, then they must also accept that we Christians view those actions as animalistic, barbaric, cruel, and yes.. insensitive. Isn't it time that everyone start telling the Muslims to just learn to be more open-minded, more sensitive of others, more tolerant of other's viewpoints?? Instead of siding with their actions. Instead of capitulating to THEIR ideologies.

No. It is not going to happen. Why?! Because their viewpoints are in line with mainstream. They are non-christian (sometimes anti-christian in most parts of the world) and thus they are supported by the mainstream media. "Hey, these people are not christians. They are actually trying to push another idea other than christianity. Well, that is a good thing in our books because we must not have a christian bias."

So, the cartoon editors will get fired, tried, convicted and then assassinated. The world will get a lesson on how to be nice to the muslims. We will all learn how to be more sensitive to their cultural needs and values. We will learn how to be more tolerant to their viewpoint.

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