Sunday, February 11, 2007

Storm of the century?

Post from February 12, 2006:

You have got to be kidding me.....
New York City has said to have gotten just under 2 feet of snow and the media is calling it the storm of the decade. Media is saying that the whole of the NE is ground to a hault. Well, even the on-the-spot reporters are out, people around them are about, and vehicles are on the road going about. Cities were ready for this storm and had time to prepare. It is not like it was back in 1800's when the city received 3 feet of blowing snow unexpectedly and no way to handle it leading to deaths of thousands and the complete stoppage of commerce.

Come on... 2 feet!?!?!? I got that amount in Wisconsin one winter. Our schools were still open. And, we still had to go out and clean the sidewalks for the people walking to work.

But then, of course, people freak out over weather patterns that are not normal. People in Seattle freak out over snowfall leading to massive car wrecks. Granted, NYC has not had this amount of snow for several decades, but, it is not like they don't get snow. Look at the mountainous areas of NY. They are known for their snowfalls. Media just has to hype stories.

Back here in Oklahoma, people have been freaking and rubbing their hands together regarding the fact that December temperatures were warm. People were saying it was symptomatic of the global warming. Ummm.. NO. It is symptomatic of Oklahoma. There have been numerous years in our history where Christmas was spent in short sleeves and numerous years where you could not go anywhere due to the snowfall.

Update: January temps have been FREAKING COLD!!!

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