Sunday, July 15, 2007

Edwards turns to treason to get him into office

From the Int Herald Tribune:
The United States needs help from Syria and Iran in stabilizing Iraq, Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards said Saturday. He also called the Iraqi prime minister a weak leader.

Edwards again said that if he were president today, he would immediately reduce the number of U.S. troops in Iraq by about 50,000.
So, a presidential hopeful has called upon our sworn enemies and the #1 enemy of Israel to lend assistance in the country they are currently trying to overthrow. And, in addition, he wants to reduce the world's greatest fighting force by 50,000 (which surprisingly enough is about the number used during our latest surge in troop force). So, he wants more Iranian and Syrian influence and less American influence in Iraq. All the while calling the Iraqi PM "weak".

WOW. Talk about a huge foreign policy advocate. He really knows how to support our allies and those who need our help. Edward's plan: sell them down the river to radical islam.
The former senator told reporters that the U.S. "should be making our own evaluation about the circumstances in Iraq"
What a blithering idiot. HELLO?!?!! Someone turn his brain on. We have an "evaluation" coming in September and an interim report either just came out or is due out really soon that the US produced about the most recent effects of the war on terror in Iraq. What a looser.

When are we going to start punishing our members of Congress for TREASON?!?! And short of that, when are we going to start censuring members of Congress when they elevate our enemies above their own country.

Here is the kicker......
Other countries in the region, including U.S. foes Iran and Syria, must become involved in Iraq's future, Edwards said. "We need to engage them directly into helping to stabilize Iraq."
So, he admits that Iran and Syria are our enemies, but he still insists that they should be actively engaged to help "stabilize" Iraq. HELLO YOU FRUITLOOP!!! It is because of Iran and Syria that Iraq is not stabilized. They want that country. They want to take it out of the hands of free arabs. They want to place their own evil sadistic control over these people who have just now tasted freedom.

Mr. Edwards. How long did our country fight within itself before peace ensued?? Have you seen peaceful Iran lately? Its people are near-rioting in the streets. A coup' is sure to come in due time. If not, then Iran will act out in aggression towards its people and those around it (Israel) in order to keep the fires of hatred flaming.

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