Monday, July 16, 2007

Pres Bush Supports Terrorists

President Bush just announced on live TV that he will give Abbas and the Palestinians over $190 million dollars in order that they create businesses and return to peace. He called upon Hamas to recognize Israel's right to exist and expected that Gaza not to be used as a place to attack Israel.

Pres. Bush has the full liberal derangement syndrome. It appears that he fully believes giving money and weapons to Palestinians will get them to do what HE wants them to do. We who are parents know that that kind of reward/discipline plan never works. The child/villain sees a reward given during a time when they are acting out as a reward for that action. It is not seen as an incentive to behave better.

Pres. Bush called upon the Palestinian government to enforce laws and end corruption. hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaaaa

Here is an idea..... how about fully supporting the defense of Israel and DEFEAT the Palestinians.

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