Monday, July 9, 2007

Taxing the Carbon Cycle

From this article:

"Oil-sand, oil-shale, and coal-to-oil projects — alternative fuel sources that could enhance U.S. energy security — have always faced one hurdle: They look good only when oil prices are high. Now, they have another challenge: global warming.

California has enacted new climate-change policies that make energy companies responsible for the carbon emissions not just of their refineries but all phases of oil production, including extraction and transportation. If that notion catches on — at least two Canadian provinces have already signed on to California's plan — then the futures of oil-sand, shale, and coal-to-oil projects may look less attractive.

The reason: Extracting these alternative sources of oil requires so much energy that their "carbon footprint" may outweigh their benefits. "

What in the world will limiting "carbon" usage do to "reduce" global warming? Don't these people realize that volcanos throw up more carbon among various other chemicals that do far more to warming this planet than we ever could? How does carbon in of itself warm our planet?

Haven't these people heard of the carbon cycle? Carbon is neither created nor destroyed. It revolves throughout our various ecosystems through a fairly simple process. Limiting the usage of carbon will do nothing to stop heat trapping chemicals and molecules from being emitted up into the atmosphere.

But then, that is if you believe man is solely responsible for the warming of our planet.

To limit, or charge, for the use and modification of carbon-containing products will only drive our economy into the 4th world. Everything, EVERYTHING, we use and do is based on the carbon cycle. When you breathe, you are moving carbon. When you eat a uncaged chicken sandwhich made with pure wheat, you are involved with the moving of carbon through the carbon cycle.

To make every single aspect of our lives a taxable offense is shear lunacy and highly questionable. We need to send another clear message to our Congress that taxing the carbon cycle (in some cases multiple times) is the worst thing they can do to this country. This move, again, would drive up the call for foreign oil supplies as they would be produced oversees and thus immune from the US carbon tax. Want to drive up fuel prices to $10 per gallon, have gasoline rationed, and ship out more oil field jobs??? Vote Democrat!!

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