Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mayor bans outdoor grilling

From Fox News site:

CANONSBURG, Pa. — The mayor of Canonsburg caused constituents to get a little hot by banning outdoor grilling at night, but he then rescinded the order Thursday and said he was only trying to close a loophole in the borough burning ordinance.

Mayor Anthony Colaizzo issued an executive order Monday outlawing all recreational burning until further notice. He also tacked on a ban on grilling after 8 p.m.

The measure drew angry rebukes from some of Canonsburg's 8,800 residents.

"There are many more things that need to be watched other than if I make a hot dog or a piece of kielbasa after 8," said resident Rose Terkey, 51.

Colaizzo said Thursday that he added the grilling ban because some people who burn refuse or other items at night make sure they're holding food over the flames so they can claim an exception for "recreational burning" when police arrive.

"They put on a wiener or a marshmallow or something like that, and my boys can't do anything to stop it," Colaizzo said.

"We don't have a very affluent community," Colaizzo said. "A lot (of people) don't even have air conditioning and a lot of them can't sleep with the windows open at night because of the fumes from recreational burning and the grilling."

If your community is not very affluent, then I guess they dont have the money to pay for consistent trash pickup. And, it sounds like this is a small town where alot of people burn their trash out back behind the house. And, why would it be illegal to burn trash and burn-piles?

If he wanted to ban burn-piles, then make it only permissible by permit when the fire is not within a confined firepit or container. No free-fires larger than 2 feet in diameter and 2 feet high. Seems simple enough to me. But no, these eco-nazis have to sneek in bans for things that have been a part of the American way of life.

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