Thursday, July 12, 2007

Woman almost dies from bikini wax?

From Fox News.. again:
'Brazilian' bikini waxes are increasingly popular among women who live nowhere near the bikini-clad beaches of Rio de Janeiro. For one 20-year-old woman in Melbourne, Australia, this routine procedure nearly took her life.

The woman was admitted to an emergency room just two weeks after receiving a the Brazilian bikini wax, a procedure that involves removing even more hair front-to-back than a traditional bikini wax, according to the Brief Report published online in the June issue of the journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases.

"Our case is notable, because it illustrates the infectious risks of pubic hair removal in a patient with diabetes," the authors concluded. "The beauty industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and more invasive and potentially harmful procedures are increasingly available."
WOW... so, getting a bikini wax makes diabetes worse? Really? So, getting pubic hair pulled is far deadlier than over/under-eating sugar? Read on:
While the patient experienced "significant pain" (ed. which is normal isn't for a huge brazillian bikini wax?) and some bleeding (ed. which is normal when pulling out huge chunks of hair and folicles?) during the procedure, which was performed by a trainee beauty therapist, her health had taken a sharp turn for the worse by the time she sought medical attention.

According to the report, the young woman had poorly controlled type 1 diabetes. She was admitted to the hospital with a high fever, excruciating pain, "grossly swollen" genitalia, and a rash across her chest and neck.

The woman's pain was so intense and the inflammation so severe that doctors were barely able to examine her in the emergency room. Eventually, the doctors were able to take blood samples and cultures, which came back positive for the potentially life-threatening bacteria, Streptococcus pyogenes.
And now.... she actually almost died from a bacterial infection!! This had nothing to do with her diabetes. Well, granted, her lack of treating her diabetes did not contribute to a healthy immune system, but just pulling out hairs will not cause a bacterial infection. But, you know what will???? When you open up so many holes into your system and those holes are located right around your groin, it can't be a healthy place. And, since she failed to treat her diabetes, what you wanna bet she did not keep her groin clean either.

NO? Not following that line of reasoning? Read on please:
The patient's weakened immune system put her at risk when she underwent the hot-wax procedure, which caused the infection. A more complete exam, done under general anesthetic, revealed the woman was infected with herpes simplex.
SO, she she had failed to treat her Type 1 diabetes, failed to keep her groin clean... she also had HERPES!!!!! Now, that is one healthy woman, huh. Now, who's fault do you think it is? Still not fully convinced that this had nothing to do with the beauty shop? Keep reading on....
She was discharged after 10 days in the hospital after a steady regimen of antibiotics and other medications that saved her life. While she had regained her health, she had not learned her lesson.

Six months later, the woman again tried to remove her pubic hair, but this time she was shaving herself. She subsequently developed a recurrence of herpes and another skin infection.

She was treated again successfully, but the report noted that, "despite her traumatic experiences, the patient was keen to undertake further removal of pubic hair."
Again, you can see how this woman had more wrong with her than just her sick need to shave her groin. Perhaps a good psychotherapist is in order?

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