Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Attack on Religious Freedom

From Fox News come this nice story.
A German court on Wednesday ruled that a Muslim student cannot skip co-ed swimming lessons because her religion prohibits form-fitting clothes that do not cover her body, The Local reported.

The 12-year-old girl’s parents sued a school in the northern city of Remscheid after it refused to let the girl skip the lessons. The court sided with the school, saying that the state’s responsibility to educate the girl outweighed an infringement on her religious freedom.
Once again, courts have ruled that a person's rights stop when they enter in a school. In California, courts have ruled that parents lose the right to teach, train, and dictate what a child learns when that child enters public school. And, they have ruled that home schools are basically illegal because parents are not certified teachers using certified teaching material approved by the California Public School System.

Now, as in California, Germany has declared war on religious freedom. Are they going to also make vegetarians eat meat? Are they going to make those people allergic to peanuts eat peanut butter?

These continued attacks on our personal freedoms must stop as we are not living in totalitarian regimes. When courts rule that our freedoms are null and void, then these courts must be made null and void. Our freedoms are higher than a court's rules and some judges whims. Freedoms, here in USA, are given to us by our Creator and CAN NOT be taken away by some person in a black robe ( a high priest of law making).

However, the parents are not completely innocent here either. The parents were given a choice of letting her wear a t-shirt and loose fitting clothes. The parents said no as her body shape will be seen when clothes become wet. The kid could wear a bathing suit under the clothes, a t-shirt over that, then she can wear a flannel-shirt over that. And then, she can wear tights on her legs, covered by leg warmers, and then finally a pair of sweat pants over that.

See, logic wins out.

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