Thursday, May 8, 2008

Captain Scott J Wright, Round 2

Dear Captain Scott (but, do you want people to know who you are if you are trying to be secretive?),

You are right, it is good to be careful about who hears what and where and from whom. Ok, I apologize for mistaking you for being a member of the High-5 club. Believe me it was an honest mistake. You look like someone I know.

But, I have another question. You told my friend Ralph Macchio that you had $500,000.00 to try and get rid of. Ooops. I mean, to transfer out of Iraq. Am glad to know that you trust me enough to trust me with the full $10 million dollars.

However, before we initiate this transfer, I have a question about your passport. Your passport shows that you are a member of the US Marines but yet you say you are with the Army. Now, I got no problem with the Army, but if you are with the Marines then I will not be able to accept the money. In my view it will be tainted because the Marines started this war against the Iraqi children. The Marines only kill, kill, kill.... sorry, I got away there for a second. My dad was a marine and he killed my mom. It was very gruesome. I came in and found him standing over her body and .... oh, I can't talk about it anymore. My psychiatrist tells me that talking about it will only cause the wounds to start flowing again. And when my wounds start flowing I have to use alot of rags to stop the bleeding. It makes an awful mess and only causes me to become suicidal. I am glad that we can talk like this as it helps me to stay sane. You are a good friend Scott. I am glad we had a chance to meet like this. My friend Ralph says you were a good friend to him too. You know he and I have a lot in common. He likes rainbows and I like the color red. Did you know cherries are red? Oh, wait. We were talking about money, right?

Ok, right. And yes, it is a good idea to not use phones. i don't use phones anymore either after watching the movie Conspiracy Theory. It has Mel Gibson in it. Did you know he once played a cop in a movie. Now he plays a guy who is being monitored by the government. After that I don't trust cops who monitor people using phones. I agree. We should use email as that is much more secure. No one knows where email comes from. It will keep us safe from prying eyes. You got a good head on your shoulders there Scottie. May I call you Scottie? You have become such a good friend to me that I feel like we can start using cute little nicknames. You can call me Cappy.

You know, I don't think we should invest the money in Real Estate in my country as the Real Estate in my country is not doing so good right now. If you want my opinion, I think we should invest in mushrooms. Yeah, mushrooms. They will be big. Think about it. They can grow anywhere. And, you know the rich people of my country love to eat mushrooms with their steaks. I can't eat steaks and mushrooms cause I dont have a stomach any more. I lost it when I almost killed my mom. She was a hard woman to kill. Fortunately my dad helped out.

Hey, so now my share is 30%?!!?!? Awesome dude. I love you. Hey, why don't you come to my christmas party. With the extra 10% you are giving me I can afford to throw a nice party. It will be mushroom themed. What do you think? We can invite everyone we know. I'll even invite my dad. He gets out of prison then. he will love to meet you.

So, I get to keep 30%? What does that come out to? I don't do so well with big numbers any more after I lost half of my brain during a construction accident. Did I tell you about that? Yeah, I was trying to lay some concrete for my mom. She wanted this big huge rose garden. I was trying to dump all this concrete over her body. When the arm of the truck sliced half my head off. I can now only see half of all colors. And some words dont come out right. And sometimes I see words as the color white. Makes it very hard to read when everything is all white.

Wait a minute, you have someone else involved in this? Who is this Doctor? How can I know I can trust this guy? Why do we need him? He does not know us? How can you trust him, he is a doctor? You can't trust doctors, Scott!!! Doctors are the people who did not save my mom's life. They let her die. They are evil. I can't believe you invited a doctor into our friendship without asking me, Scott??!!

Please Scott, we have to talk about this....

Captain Scott wrote:
Dear friend
First of all I dont know who you are and I think you are mistaking me for someone else. Am not part of any 5 soldiers you are talking about.
And am not a fool, am using a gmail mail for security reasons to avoid trace you know how the US army works. This money was found by my unit not the 100 million Dollars you are talking about. We found this money in one of the hideouts in Iraq. And all am looking for is someone to help me pull this money out.
Once again thank you for your reply. please note that the usage of private phones here is out of bound to us out here because all international calls are monitored. We only use radio in communication with our crew on patrol. But I will always work out ways to
call you via public phones when necessary.

Like I told you earlier I'm still on duty here in Iraq and if such amount of money is traced to my account in the united states, I shall be investigated hence I need you to assist me get the funds out, invest my share into a lucrative business such as, Hotel Business(Five Stars) or Real Estate in your country on my behalf pending when our mission here in Iraq will be over. Remember your share still remains the same 30% out of the total amount of the money. So the reason why I want to send the funds to you is for

In the attachment are the pictures as requested for proof. My passport, and my picture all from Iraq. It wasn't easy for me but I got no choice, I had to because of trust.

Please send to me the following.
1. Your direct contact details (residential/official addresses) if you want.

2. The details of the nearest airport to your destination

Soon I receive all needed, I shall commence with full TRUST.

And I will contact My Friend whom will move with the boxes to UK Doctor David Solomon other for him to move with this Boxes to UK and when he gets there he will contact you after I send to him your details but also remember that he does not know THE content in the boxes as I don't want him to, because he is part of the US Marines.

When he gets to UK and contacts you he will send this fund to you also trough a secure diplomatic delivery to your address, please when he contacts you in UK I believe you can take care of the remaining conclusion regarding how the boxes will get to you trough the security company.

Also this boxes are sealed with special Locks that no one can open accept I. AND I will give to you the numbers.


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Anonymous said...

You playing but Im a angel off space and in your time.I dont like.Not joke ok.The next time.I go to use my power tentons electrum about you.Look to sky and look in your newspaper.I can travell how fire in the sky and my people are watch you.US Arm Unit States of America/CIA Dep.Justice.Do you belive in GOD? Use your phone and ask for dep.Justice about "Iraqinfo"
You say the people that your country is bad with your action.Think! about Second Round.

succubus said...

what the hell is that comment about.....i mess with these scammers all the time and it is funny as hell to get em goin! keep up the good work!

SailingAway said...

The other day a Widower with 11 mil wanted to give it all to me. I asked her to marry me then we wouldnt have to transfer anything.She must be getting widow benefits and dont wanna lose them?

Anyway the same Captain J Scott offered me the same lucrative deal.I better move quickly before I lose out. I explained that I was Lt. Niel (1st Infantry)and already in Iraq. Even with connections to get the cash out of here. You know I could sign a C-17 Transport out of the Motor pool that baby can hold alot of Cash.And probably be back before I was listed as AWOL. Didnt you ever see the move Lord Of War? Anyway that wasnt good enough.. He still wanted me to set him up with someone else that could.Personal tranport out wasnt good enough. And is there something wrong with his email account I got this one he mustve changed from Gmail because the were slow or lost some mail?
Anyway Captain sorry to hear about your Mom and Dad thats really sad.
Good Luck and sorry I'll get the 30% before you do, Im on top of it Baby.

The Captain said...


Yeah, it is always fun to mess with these people.

Sad thing is, some little old lady in Oregon is said to have lost $400,000 to these types of scammers.

But, like was said, "there's a sucker born every minute."

If you are the type to believe an anonymous email asking for money to get money, then you deserve to lose what you got. You're an idiot.

Thanks for coming by Succubus and SailingAway!