Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Democrat Party, Insanity Is Thy Name

I was perusing blogs this evening and found one that piqued my eye. I loved how this person use imaginative words to convey the message. How he flowed from start to end where he wanted us to go. His use of imagery with his language was very appealing. I was actually reading this person's blog because of a France Court's recent ruling stating that the man Charles Enderlin sued for defamation, etc won his appeal. Philippe Karsenty took on France2 and Enderlin for having the audacity to inflict global damage upon Israel by producing a heretic of a news piece that has been called, the al-Durah affair. Karsenty initially was found to have defamed and libeled Enderlin and France2, but the appeals court overruled that.

Anyway, what caught my brain was this passage from the Breath of the Beast blog:
Even here in the U.S. the State Department has decided that the words “jihad,” “jihadist,” and “mujahedeen” may no longer be used to describe people, most of whom proclaim themselves to be Jihadists and/or mujahedeen and who are proud enough to proclaim a Jihad against us and our government. This is not just a violation of free speech, it is suicide. What insanity is it that moves us to make it impossible to speak the name of the worm, this worm that seeks out our most vital organs of democracy and uses the very warmth and protection that nurtures our freedom to feed its greedy parasitic lethal intentions?

The name of the insanity is Demopathy. Demopathy is any action or intentional inaction which uses the language, logic and/or law of democratic society to misappropriate, weaken, undermine, subvert, or overthrow democratic society.
When Jihadists and their enablers file Human Rights complaints or throw the cover of politically correct non-speech over their intention to institute a world-wide Shari’a Caliphate this is the quintessence of Demopathy. When the western mainstream media helps that same enemy to concoct frauds that impugn and parayze Israel and America it is nothing less than Demopathic treason.
Hmmm... Sounds like they were describing the US Democrat party to a "T".

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