Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good Old Farm BIll and Responsible Governance

From Michelle Malkin comes this bit about the passage (or attempted passage) of the new Farm Bill. Can you say BLOAT?!!?
About two-thirds of the bill would pay for nutrition programs such as food stamps; about $40 billion is for farm subsidies; and additional $30 billion would go to farmers to idle their land and to other environmental programs.
We are going to pay farmers $40 billion in subsidies to GROW FOOD, and then turn around and also pay them $30 billion to NOT GROW FOOD!!!!

INSANITY!! And, I am revolting over both the dims and repubes as both sides voted for this bloated piece of crap.

How on earth can these people justify increasing the federal budget when our economy is still not very solid, gas and food prices are climbing through the roof and we are fighting a war that they say we can't afford?!?!

Someone please help me here. I don't think you can. I feel like screaming this is so stupid and insane. They then spend their time berating, hammering and accusing oil executives of price gouging consumers by raising the price of gas. Hello!?!? Oil companies are making the least amount of profit per gallon of gas than they have over the last decade or so. Local oil companies do not control the cost of gas, really. That is done on the market.

The senate sits there and accuses these people who work for a living while the senate THEMSELVES refuse to let these companies go drill and explore for more oil!! They accuse them of limiting supplies when it is the Congress that has prevented them from doing so. How can you demand prices decline if you prevent the increase in supply?? They then turn around and DEMAND that OPEC increase production, while refusing to allow our companies to do the same.

How ludicrously insane can one be?!!? Please people. Please think long and hard about this. I know public school systems are not teaching civics, economics, and market analysis but this is just common sense, people.

Do not vote for people who refuse to allow the drilling or mining of our natural resources. They will drive our economy in to the dirt. If you do, then DO NOT whine about high gas prices. You voted them in and you asked for it.

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