Monday, May 26, 2008

Google Lets Memorial Day Down Once Again

Once again, Google let's our fighting men and women down during this Memorial Day holiday. Google, while celebrating all sorts of holidays and events, has failed year after year to memorialize the debt paid by our military personnel.

Zombi has an update to his efforts last year to convince Google that they are in the wrong. But, like any power-hungry ideologue, they can't see it.
Google's so-called excuse for this behavior is laughable:
If we were to commemorate this holiday, we'd want to express reverence; however, as Google's special logos tend to be lighthearted in nature, this would be a particularly challenging design. We wouldn't want to create a graphic that could be interpreted as disrespectful in any way.
Go to Zombi's website and take a look at some of the suggestions Zombi's readers have uploaded that Google could have used during this great Memorial Day. My favorite is this one:

(Hat-tip: 6MB)

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