Sunday, May 18, 2008

US Soldier in Iraq disciplined for shooting Quran

A US soldier stationed in Iraq was disciplined for taking target practice shots at a Quran, the muslim's holy book - as the media loves to remind us. (how come they never say that about the bible, calling it the christian's holy book, or the world's holy book, or the book that led to the foundation of the major super powers of the world and the defeat of every enemy they have faced?)
Iraqi police found the bullet-riddled Quran with graffiti inside the cover on a small-arms range near a police station in Radwaniyah, a former insurgent stronghold west of Baghdad, U.S. military spokesman Col. Bill Buckner said in an e-mailed response to a query.

American commanders then launched an inquiry that led to disciplinary action against the soldier, who has been removed from Iraq, Buckner said. The shooting, which occurred May 9 and was discovered two days later, threatened to further strain relations between the Americans and Sunni allies who have joined forces with them against al-Qaida in Iraq in Radwaniyah and other areas.

The Association of Muslim Scholars, a Sunni group, condemned the shooting of the Quran, calling it "a hideous act against the book of almighty God and the constitution of the nation and the source of its glory and dignity."
I wonder if that same soldier would have met with the same punishment if he had used the Bible as the target? Some how, I doubt it very much.

At most, it shows a measure of insensitivity on the part of the soldier, but, to ship him out of Iraq and stain his record is a bit much I think.
The incident was first reported by CNN, which broadcast a ceremony at which the top American commander in Baghdad apologized to tribal leaders in Radwaniyah. The military confirmed the details in an e- mailed response to a query.

"I come before you here seeking your forgiveness," Maj. Gen. Jeffery Hammond was quoted as saying. "In the most humble manner I look in your eyes today and I say please forgive me and my soldiers."

The commander also read a letter of apology by the shooter, and another military official kissed a Quran and presented it to the tribal leaders, according to CNN.
OH MY GAWD!!! I am surprised he did not bring them a jar of vaseline as well and then begged and pleaded for them to use it!!! Is this how low our military has become that we KISS A QURAN and plead forgiveness and prostrate ourselves in humbleness to others?!?!!?

Oh how the mighty have fallen.
The military statement called the incident "serious and deeply troubling" but stressed it was the result of one soldier's actions and "not representative of the professionalism of our soldiers or the respect they have for all faiths."
Well, then why go to all the effort to bend over and take it up the wahoo then? Why act like wupped puppies to people who would turn on us in an instance if it pleased them? Why even bother trying?

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, meanwhile, said she "made clear that the war must be brought to an end" as she met with top Iraqi and U.S. officials Saturday during a visit to Baghdad.

"It has already taken far too many American and Iraqi lives, it has cost far too much in money and the reputation of the United States, and it has drained far too much from the capability of our military," she said in a statement.

Meanwhile, we have people back home trying to undermine this nation by having us surrender to our enemies. How can we end a war when we are still fighting it, unless we surrender? It is not like the other side will just give up as well. they will see it as a victory and become much more emboldened. The democrats like Pelosi only seek to destroy this nation, not protect it. To place a body limit on war is reprehensible and just plain loony. That is like telling soldiers that they can only fight in a war with 100 bullets. And now, it turns out that Pelosi is undermining those same soldiers by not providing the funding necessary to buy those bullets for them.

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The only thing the Koran is good for is to be riddled with bullets seeing as it was written by a false prophet.