Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One of the reasons we have illegal immigration

From the Glenn Beck show comes this video of his take on illegal immigration. He interviews an Arizona State Legislator on their "controversial" (any time the media calls it controversial, you know it has to be good for America) new law that bans businesses from hiring anyone without proper American identification. Mexico is furious about. Well, was furious as this happened I believe earlier this year.

Glenn's interview with this legislator shows how vapid our legislators really are. This guy strongly believes that it is Mexico's right to come and dictate what laws we enact and enforce. He strongly believes that it is OK for Mexico to come to America and tell US that we HAVE to hire their illegals because the country of Mexico can't afford them. And if America sends them back, then it will be a travesty because Mexico is unable to house, school and feed them.

BOOHOOO!! Who Cares!! Who cares what Mexico thinks about our own laws that protect our nation, lands, economy and our families.

Please watch the video...

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Midnite said...

Dialog with a neighboring country is important. Helping out your neighbor in their time of need is certainly something that should be done, but it should be done in accordance with God's rightly appointed authority. Mexico errs when it suggests that we should turn a blind eye to illegal immigration. There are channels for immigrating to the US, and those channels should be followed. When they are not, their should be consequences, and the rate at which these laws are broken imply that the consequences are not severe enough. If Mexico needs financial help, they should ask for the help, not take it illegally. And any suggesting from them that they officially endorse such a policy seems on the path to a declaration of war.

That might sound extreme, but this sounds like they are officially sanctioning their citizens breaking US law to enter US territory and remove US assets. All I can say is WTF? Time to call in the marines and discipline some foreign invaders.