Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Fixing Inner City Economies Through Interwebz

From Tim Slagle over at Big Hollywood comes word that Obama has found the secret to inner city poverty and crime.
According to a recent article, $1.5 million of federal stimulus money went to produce Internet videos. The money was earmarked to get inner city residents online by creating programming that would appeal to them. Of that, $230,000 went to producer Robert Townsend, and $700,000 to other vendors to produce “Diary of a Single Mom,” an online soap opera about a growing up in poverty. This is just a part of a $28 million Commerce Department grant which created One Economy, a project intended to wire the inner cities to the Internet.
Yes.. because the internet is exactly what the inner cities need to get out of poverty.

The best place for them to be, to get economically free,,, is sitting on a computer all day watching tax-payer funded videos about life in the inner city.

As Tm states:
The idea that there is nothing on the Internet that appeals to people in the inner city is ridiculous. It’s based on a faulty premise that somehow inner-city people are different than others; that TV dramas about fabulously rich people, attractive lawyers, and doctors who never get messy are only appealing to white suburbanites; that people living in poverty want to see a story about living in poverty. If this were true, comic books wouldn’t be about superheroes; they would all be about pimply fat boys with thick glasses who get beat up on the way to school.
But, hey, at least they created thousands of youtube hits from their $28 million. That has to account for something. Right?!?

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