Thursday, December 29, 2011

Memorial Using US Flag Found To Violate State Law

According to Maryland State workers, a memorial placed inside a traffic circle using a US Flag, violates state law.
A Maryland community is up in arms after state highway workers removed an American flag honoring military personnel from a traffic circle and threw it into a dump truck.

“We want our flag back,” Rhonda Winkler told Fox News & Commentary. “We are patriots and we love America.”

Winkler and her family erected the flag in a traffic circle three years ago in the town of Woodbine. They posted the flag to honor their nephew, a soldier deployed to Afghanistan.

Winkler said she received a telephone call alerting her that state highway workers had taken down the flag and the flag pole, tossing both into the back of a dump truck.

“They told us it was against the law to erect a flag on the traffic circle,” Winkler said. “They told my husband that whoever put up the flag could be arrested for trespassing.”
And, what did the state of Maryland say about all this?
State highway workers also told her that people had complained about Old Glory.

David Buck, a spokesman for the state high department, told the Baltimore Sun that there is also a safety issue.

“They don’t have traffic control out there, and they don’t have (road work) vests on,” he told the newspaper.

As for now – there’s no indication if the state of Maryland will reverse their decision – or if the Winkler family will get back their flag.

She said state workers have refused to return the Stars and Stripes.
So, because the family did not have a police escort to control traffic and did not wear safety vests while they were putting up their flag memorial (years ago), then the memorial is nothing more than trash. A safety hazard. A THING that must be removed and thrown in to the trash heap.

Remember people, it is very important who you vote for. Even in your local elections.

While the state is correct in removing the memorial as it is on public property and they did not have a permit for its installation, most people forgive memorials. How often do you see crosses or flowers with flags placed along state roads where some loved-one had died?

The best way to fix this is to ask the local township if there is a spot where this family, with community support, can erect an ad-hoc memorial to the town's fallen.

[Update] The website The Blaze has pics of the intersection and the support rally following the utter desecration of the US flag.

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