Friday, January 6, 2012

What Did You Vote For In Iowa?

Who did you Iowans vote for in the Republican caucus? Well, Mitt Romney came out with an 8 vote lead over Rick Santorum. New Gingrich came in third.

Did you vote for Santorum? Why? Because he is a social conservative? I'm going to show you that that isn't what you think it means. In fact, Rick Santorum is a Socialist Republican. He is more RINO than RINO.

Santorum attacks President Ronald Reagan for increasing retirement age for Social Security.

Santorum faults Reagan for increasing the Social Security retirement age. Santorum states that by doing so, he increased the entitlement crisis.

But isn’t keeping people working longer mean fewer will get on Social Security, and more will be still be adding to the fund instead of drawing it?

And, like the esteemed John F Kerry Santorum keeps referring to himself in the third person. CREEEEEPY!!!

He does not focus on economic issues during an economic downturn that your competitor created.

He is focusing solely on social issues. I'm sure it is because he doesn't want to highlight to the republican voters how much trouble he has caused this nation for his pro-government pro-entitlement anti-business stance.

He actually gleefully defends his level of earmarks and entitlements while in Congress.

Nuff said. Nuff said.

Perry’s ad claim that Santorum obtained more than $1 billion in earmarks during his time in office is likely legitimate, according to Steve Ellis, vice president of Taxpayers for Common Sense, which tracks government waste.

For instance, Pennsylvania in 2005 received $483 million in earmarks for 872 projects, including $5.4 million for an igloo upgrade for an Army Depot and $5 million for a new visitor center at Gettysburg.

Santorum supported Republican party RINO and traitor Arlen Specter.

Santorum is anti-libertarian and expresses his "concerns" with the Tea Party movement within the Republican Party to "refashion conservatism."

Rick Santorum is a pro-big-government politician who does not believe in leaving people alone. Believes government belongs everywhere.

Basically, all we have left, after ObamaCare loving Romney, anti-world\anti-Israel Ron Paul is a Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry. And they too have their anti-conservative issues. Newt would fire judges if they did not rule as he saw fit or would ignore their rulings. Perry is illegal immigrant friendly which is a violation of our laws.

[UPDATE] It would now appear that he is also not very supportive of gun rights.
There is a reason that he was voted out of his office.

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