Sunday, February 11, 2007

Can we have a ANTI-illegal parade?

Another post from May 1, 2006:

OK... if the illegal immigrants and those who support open borders and rewarding the illegal border crossers can have a day of protest, then I say we American citizens have a day of protest.

I say that we choose the afternoon of July 4 as our national pro-america, pro-english, pro-law march and rally.

July 4 is typically seen by American citizens as a national day of celebration of independence from Brittain's rule. Now, let us celebrate our independence from the illegal invasions. Let us rally to support the American Constitution and support those American citizens who have worked long and hard to become Americans, have become part of the American culture by learning English, getting a job, and assimilating into the American culture.

Save our history. Let's all rally on July 4 for independence once again.

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