Sunday, February 11, 2007

USA telling Mexico where to hunt down our Border Patrol

Post from May 11, 2006:

Ok, we live in a different world. We live in a different country than what we thought it was.

Our country is alerting a corrupt foreign government on the locations of our civilian and federal border control personnel so that the illegal foreign immigrants can find their way into our country with ease.

Our country, and almost half of our states, have allowed people here illegally to get in-state tuition at our colleges AND will be 100% more likely to get accepted and receive federal aid than a comparable non-minority. Why in the hockey sticks should a person here illegally get preferential treatment over the residents of that particular state?

Our country is moving toward institutionalized socialized health care. Despite the overwhelming evidence all over the world that this type of system has never worked and despite the overwhelming evidence that our original system has led to the massive expansion of medical expertise and technology, our country is moving head-strong into a few-pay-many use socialized health care system.

And why is it that we have to pay for the costly care of illegals in our nation's hospital emergency rooms?? They come here illegally so they can get into our great health care and not have to pay for it. They come here illegally so that their kids can be born here and be called Americans and thus, they can then remain here to care for their new American kids. This is another aspect of our country that needs to be changed now. This provision in the Constitution was designed for those immigrants that have struggled to come here legally, and may even hold dual citizenships, to start and grow their American family. This was not designed for those illegals whose only purpose in mind when crossing our border is to give birth here.

It is time we Americans take our country back from the whipped, spineless, weak, inept politicians. What is needed now are people who will stand up for the rules of law and morality. We need politicians who will not sell out their country for the sake of a few votes. We need people who are willing to die to defend the history and culture of this nation from outsiders. It is time for an idiom-shift to occurr. It is time for self-preservation to occurr.

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