Sunday, February 11, 2007

May day PRO-illegal parades

Post from May 1, 2006:

Hmmm... massive illegal immigrant marches today, May 1, 2006. Is there something unique to the organizers picking this day, of all days? May 1 was established as the socialist's Day of Labor in 1889 by USSR. It was designed that the repressed working class in socialistic countries can march to show their support for their oppressors. ( It was at least a day for them to take off from their miserable jobs). So, in other words, the illegal immigrants chose a historically socialistic holiday to protest for rights, rights that they are not rightly entitled to due to the fact that they are here in this country illegally.

So, illegals marched in about 50 major cities across the nation to demand the rights of an American citizens. They are basically blackmailing the US citizens to pay for their citizenship or they threaten to ......... march. Liberals say that our country will crash if we do not have illegal immigrants working in our country. Liberals and weak-kneed conservatives say that the illegals do all the jobs that whitemen won't do like clean, pick, wash, and watch our kids. Excuse ME?!?! My mom picked cotton when she was young. It was something the high school kids did back then during the summers and after school. The truth is, America's youth have become accustomed to expecting a higher level of pay for their skills. They have grown accustomed to seeing that certain jobs are only filled by illegals, thus those jobs are not even considered when our youth go job-seeking.

These marches are only going to galvanize the american public, who is tired of paying higher and higher taxes to pay for the services that the illegals use, against their cause. America is tired of being told that they must accept multiple cultures in the USA. Americans are tired of being told that we must learn to speak another language instead of the immigrants assimilating to the american culture. Americans are tired of having to pay higher property taxes so that latin american immigrants can go to school and be tought in spanish. America is based on the English language and assimiliation.

There is no reasonable, sensible, logical way that illegal immigrants should be given legal citizenship outright after illegally crossing our border. There is no sane reason to give these criminal immigrants a fast-track citizenship when there are tens of thousands of non-citizens seeking citizenship and admission into our country the legal way. It takes anywhere from a few months to a few decades for someone to earn the right to be a citizen.

It is utter hypocrisy on the part of these marchers when they say they want to become citizens and are demanding rights that are not due to them, while also carrying numerous and various flags from latin american countries. Yes, some did carry American flags showing their support for this country they have decided to call their new home. But many, many others showed their support for this country by carrying various other country's flags. That is a slap at this country. Do they utterly think that their country would approve of someone from USA going down there and waving an American flag in their country's face??

This needs to change. We need a massive wall on the border. We need a massive increase in surveillance. We need get these illegals into the system so that they can start becoming citizens the right way (before they enter our country) and start earning their way towards citizenship - the right way. And most importantly, they need to assimilate into our culture, learn english, and become a true american citizen. They have to decide who they want to be. Do they want to be Americans or Mexicans, or anything else but Americans??!!

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