Sunday, February 11, 2007

Congress Selling Out America

Post from May 23, 2006:

Ok, recent developments in the Congress has led to another instance where our current members of Congress need to be removed from office.


A Democrat congressman from Lousiana was caught taking bribes in order to influence his actions while on the job. The FBI as part of its investigations got a judge to sign a warrant to search the congressman's office. Now the republicans and democrats are crying foul. They are saying that the FBI overstepped its constitutional authority. They reason that the FBI is part of the Executive Branch under the President and thus are not able to conduct their investigations on members of the Legislative Branch of government. They reason that there is a seperation of powers that protects each branch of government from the other branches.

According to their reasoning, judges as part of the Judicial Branch can not rule on the laws that the Legislative Branch create. And the Executive Branch is unable to enforce the rules, regulations and laws that the Legislative Branch enact. The Executive Branch can not oversee the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch can not oversee or overrule them either.

Are they NUTS?!?!

The current majority leader in the House, a supposedly conservative republican, has reportedly told the President of the United States that his FBI's actions are unconstitutional.


Where in the constitution does it say that the Executive Branch can not use its authority to enforce laws? One basic tenet of our society is that no one is above the law. These congressmen and senators are telling the country that they are above the rule of law, above the search function of the Executive Branch (that is given them under the Constitution).

Are these members of Congress telling us that no matter what members of Congress may do (breaking the law, treason, murder, and bribery) that they are safe from searches enacted by the Executive Branch (FBI) under the Constitution ????


And yes, that IS in the Constitution.!!!!!

Ok.. from his own words... "Hastert told reporters yesterday that he understands the reasons for the investigation but objected to the manner in which the raid was conducted.
“My opinion is they took the wrong path,” Hastert said. “They need to back up, and we need to go from there.”" (from an online article)
...........what?!!?? What path??? If what the FBI did was right, then how is the path wrong? I wish these blowhards would be more specific when they pontificate at the microphones. If they say they did it wrong and should have done it another way, then specify the way it should have been done. In that way the average American (legal english speaking) can think for themselves and see and understand your point. But, if all you do is wag your finger and say that the FBI didn't play fair, then you will be utterly ignored as a whiner.

The FBI went out of their way to ensure they did things right. They used a third party to ensure that whatever the FBI removed from the congressman's office ONLY pertained to what was specified within the warrant or was not constitutionally protected legislative material.

If a member of Congress is going to committ crimes, they must be held accountable. They must be able to be sent to jail. The law enforcement offices must be able to conduct their investigations and hold criminals accountable. No matter what office or position they hold.

Thus, this is just another shining example of why our current members of Congress need to be replaced. They need to know that just because we voted them in to that office to represent us, that they are not on holy ground. They are not stars that we hold unaccountable. The Congress needs to be taken back FOR the American people so that it can once again represent the American people.

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