Sunday, February 11, 2007

Illegal Amnesty gives citizenship that is better than native born

Post from May 23, 2006:

What is our Congress doing today....

They are selling citizenship to illegals for a few thousand dollars and only 2 years time served while the person's in question are in the process of committing crimes.

They are saying that if you have evaded the cops for over 2 years, then you will be rewarded with the right to stay in america while you try and persue citizenship while those who try and get their citizenship the right way have to stay waiting in their country anywhere from another 2-10 years.

They are saying that if you have been in this country illegally for more than 3 years, then you are only liable for 3 years of back taxes.

They have announced that once these illegals, who have used a false or stolen social security number, have gained their citizenship they will be eligible to get back all of the false social security monies that they have been paying in (while using their false SS numbers!).

They have announced that once these illegals have gained their citizenship status, they will be immediately eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit. A tax credit for legal tax payers who are American citizens based on family size and income. So, once again the rich-er will be giving their hard earned monies to those who cheated citizenship and intitially refused to be Americans.

They have announced that they would rather give citizenship to illegal immigrants than seal our borders to potential terrorists and the MASSIVE influx of non-assimilating immigrants whose sole purpose is to suck money out of our country.

They have announced that they would rather grant citizenship first than build a wall.

They have announced that they approve the use of ARMED national guard during times of POST-disasters on american citizens to protect areas from potential crimes, but those same guards have to be UNARMED while protecting our national borders against people who are already committing crimes.

Why do so many states GIVE an in-state tuition for illegals to go to college while an american born caucasion has to fight for similar aid and for some, are relegated to out-of-state tuition.

Are these really republicans in the Senate proposing these things?

Why are republicans proposing the giving away of our national heritage?

Time for new members of Congress!?!?!? I think so.

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