Sunday, February 11, 2007

Simple Justice?

Post from May 24, 2006:

Well, as it now turns out (from ABC News Blog) that those who complained the loudest about the recent FBI raid of a congressman's office as part of its investigation into bribery and corruption, have found themselves under investigation.

*Well, this story may in fact be false and misleading. House Speaker Hastert has sent a letter to ABC threatening them with libel and slander. Even the Justice Dept has come out saying that he is not part of the investigation. Is this another attempt by the mainstream media to try and take out the republicans when they see a fellow democrat being taken down?? And, rumor has it that the blogger who reported the above story was the person responsible for the false FORD TRUCK story on NBC a few years back claiming that they exploded upon a crash. It was later found out that the crew put explosives in the tanks in order to make them explode for the cameras.

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