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David Espo and the AP BIAS/Ignorance

Post from April 3, 2006:

OMG.. get this
Below are quotes from Espo's article followed by my inspired commentary.
"Rather than attack the administration, Sen. Obama would be better served to read the energy bill President Bush signed into law, particularly the portions that focus on energy-efficient vehicles, renewable energy sources and less reliance on foreign sources of fuel," said Tracey Schmitt of the Republican National Committee.

"In addition to criticizing Republicans, Obama chided members of his own party.

"He said Democrats "all too often are defending a social safety net that was constructed in the 1930s and '40s. My argument to Democrats has been that we need to cling to the core values that make us Democrats, the belief in universal health care, the belief in universal education, and then we should be agnostic in terms of how to achieve those values."
....universal health care, the belief in universal education, and then we should be agnostic in terms of how to achieve those values." other words.... screw you christian majority, we are going to tax everyone to give health care and educatin to whomever we want and control everything
"Asked about issues for 2008, he said the nation needs a "serious comprehensive approach" to energy independence. He said the technology exists to produce a car that can get 500 miles to a gallon of gasoline"
"Obama prodded Democrats on education. "I do not believe that being against No Child Left Behind is an education policy," he said. "We should take a look at pay for performance," an idea not generally popular with teacher unions.
... eh? How does giving raises to teachers make kids get better grades?
I'm a big union guy and I have a sister who is a public school teacher," he said. "I think it is absolutely necessary for us to engage teachers, saying, 'We are willing to pay you more..."
.... MORE??? Well, at least you are telling us the truth about how much you support the unions above taxpayers.
"In calling for greater federal spending on basic science and research, he said Bush and congressional Republicans "are so committed to more tax cuts on top of what have been delivered that we are willing to cut into what is sort of the lifeblood of our economy."
...... I thought the dems were arguing that the budget was too high.. and hasnt the education budget gained over 25% since bush took office?"....
Obama said the government should provide tax breaks and loan guarantees to show the way toward greater use of environmentally friendlier energy sources.
And didn't he just get finished arguing about the tax cuts???? So, he now wants to subsidize energy suppliers whom the dems have been hounding for making too much money??? If they make trillions of money, then why give them tax breaks?

Now get this...
"He cited several pieces of legislation he has introduced in Congress, including one to help defray the auto industry's costs of investment in more fuel-efficient cars. It calls for the federal government to pick up a portion of the costs automakers pay for retiree health care, so long as companies use some of the savings to retool their factories."
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ummm. So now we need to prop up the auto industry by helping pay THEIR health insurance costs?? But he then says that it will save the automakers enough money to retool. GLAD WE CAN HELP YOU WITHOUT BUYING YOUR PRODUCT!!!

"Obama said the Big Three automakers spent $6.7 billion on retiree health care costs in 2004.

"It's a win-win proposal for the industry - their retirees will be taken care of, they'll save money on health care, and they'll be free to invest in the kind of fuel-efficient cars that are the key to their competitive future," he said of the legislation."
.............but wait, i thought we were subsidizing their fuel efficient vehicle construction.
"The use of ethanol in fuel should be encouraged, he said, supporting tax breaks for companies to install the necessary tanks on their cars and for consumers who use E85, a blended fuel."
..............hahahahahaahaa. More tax breaks???

Can I have a business where all of my expenses are paid for by the government and I can still keep all of the revenue???

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